Troff - Find new songs

What's this?

Here you will see all the songs that you have downloaded or uploaded to Troff as well as all the public songs, movies and choreographies that other people have uploaded to Troff.

When you click a song in the list below, you will see all the different versions of markers that is saved for that song.

For every marker version, you will se how many markers that version has, as well as when that version was saved. If there are any tags, genre or song info for that version, it will also be displayed there. Only the first part of the song info will be shown, to reduce clutter.

When you click "Download this version ( version id )" will open in a new tab and that song with all the markers and info will be downloaded!

Note: If you already have the song that you download, then you will get a question of whether to import the new markers, merge the new markers with the existing ones or keep the existing ones.
If you choose "import new markers", your existing version will be removed and if that version has not been uploaded or exported, Troff will not be able to restore it.